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About Sugar Shack

Marketed as a great strain for brand new users, Sugar Shack offers a beautiful flavor with effects that are mild and serene. Unknown breeders developed this indica-dominant strain based off of a secret lineage, so whoever is looking out for our newbies – thanks! Great for the end of a long day, even more experienced smokers will have to make sure they carefully monitor their consumption.

Sugar Shack comes to the table with 19% THC levels, which may be super strong for some and not nearly enough for others. Despite this discrepancy, no one can deny that these buds are delicious, as a sweet fruit and herbal pine blend overtakes your senses. Light green nugs typically feature deep brown pistils that darken in color as the plant nears maturity.

You may think that Sugar Shack is a lightweight strain, but if you indulge a little too heavily, couch-lock will surely be in your near future. For those who take it easy, this strain offers a nice balance of happy and uplifted mental effects with a body high that’s weighted yet welcome. Essentially you can imagine all of the best parts of being high that you’d want to experience during your first time and assume that Sugar Shack will fit that bill.

Medical patients don’t always gravitate toward this strain as more potent options are readily available, but nonetheless it’s a nice way to overcome minor issues such as depression, anxiety, and general bodily pain. Chronic conditions like fibromyalgia may not be deterred by this bud, but headaches and cramps will respond fairly quickly. For those who deal with insomnia, indulging in a lot of this strain before bedtime may be just the thing that’s needed to get a good night of rest.

Given that not much is known about Sugar Shack’s heritage, it’s hard to pinpoint specific cultivation instructions. Many note that it is moderately difficult to cultivate, so newer growers may want the help of an expert along the way. Like most hybrid strains, it takes around 10 weeks for this beauty to reach full maturation, and again, her pistils will be a telltale sign letting you know when she’s ready.

All in all, Sugar Shack is a prime choice for those looking to take the edge off of their night without becoming completely sidelined. If you’ve had a really hard day at work, you might want to choose another strain that will get you fully baked, but for the times when you just want to lighten up the mood, Sugar Shack is the way to go. Remember, this strain tastes delicious, so you could theoretically go to town and enjoy the night passed out on the couch – dealer’s choice.

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